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The Nicole Claude Show

Nicole Claude Biography
Welcome to the Nicole Claude Show. My name is Nicole Claude. It is with great pleasure that I am your host. You can listen to The Nicole Claude Show...

On The Nicole Claude Show-Healthy Listening we create a show that keeps you envigorating, informed and alive. We promise you to be resourceful, succesful, purposeful and of course entertaining. The Nicole Claude Show is the place to talk about: current events, news that make a difference, love is love, health-wealth, arts and entertainment, tourism, world music, fitness, fun and much more..if I happen to miss a topic of your interest please be in touch.

As June 20, 2009 on Father's day, The Nicole Claude Show was funly and delightfully inaugurated. I remember the first time I was introduced on the air in 2005 then given the microphone no word came out like we say in French "je suis restee la bouche bee", today I am happy to be a voice, your voice to advocacy. On the show we believe in the emancipation of the human spirit, expansion and empowerment- A life that works.

The future is once our audience listens to the show, individuals will reach out to the people in their lives and invite them to listen as well.

Who is Nicole Claude? I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Ayiti) also known as "La Perle des Antilles." I immigrated to the United States in 1974. Here I completed my High School studies and graduated as a nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing. Today I reminisce about living in Haiti. In 1990 I visited Labadie, Haiti accompanied by great friends on a cruise chip. It was the opportunity of a lifetime to reconnect with my native country or "terre natale."

The most memorable moment was standing in a most beautiful turquoise sea and admiring its color and vast "etendue", it appears that time stood still. Furthermore small bands playing the drums (tcha, tcha) and singing folk music as the visitors dance freely to the music and rhythm. The laughter, dances and speaking the native language, Creole still echoed in my mind and this moment remains still and alive today many years later.

I am from the Bas Peu de Chose, a very well known "quartier" or neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was my first enchanted life. Today the people from this area called Bas Peu de Chose will be known as the "Chosen Ones" in making a difference for our native nation. The future also is Haiti Goes Pearl Again - Un futur gras.

Moreover, I am Mom to an extraordinary teenage daughter, Alexsa. Together with my loving Mom we experience the value of the three generations for a lifetime. As a Registered Nurse I felt the experience was highly rewarding to be an employee at hospitals (private and public) that served the underprivileged population. Looking back, I see how valuable my work has been; and I encourage others to consider the rewarding benefits of nursing as a profession. I then transitioned my career to work in the administrative arena of healthcare. Looking to the future, I am now using the power of the Internet and Radio in order to communicate to an ever-widening audience.

One of my proudest career achievements is having acquiring a certification in critical care nursing (in 1990.) This certification has allowed me to stay current witth the fast advancement of technology and patient care practice in the health care system by attending required scheduled critical care programs. As a Registered Nurse it has been rewarding to serve our patients and clients to a "healthier you." I acknowlege Ms. Young, my clinical manager as a nursing assistant, for extending an inivation to me to consider intensive care nursing as my specialty. Right she was, I practiced as a critcal nurse for 18 years of my nursing career. I became proficient in sharing the accountability for the unit operations. I gained knowledge by acting as a bridge between our administrative and staff personels either by team leading a hospital program or functional group activities. I now transition my career to work in the administrative healthcare arena for communities.

My dream fulfilled as a staff nurse was achieved when I travelled to Mayo Clinic, MN in 1999. At this conference I learned Dr. Mayo's work, the latest in nursing practice and medical updates. Overall walking the walls of Mayo Clinic was the expereince of a nurse in "Wonderland." There aside from being impressed with my profession, I also became highly interested on becoming a presenter and motivational speaker. As a result I enjoy presenting some of my designed innovative topics to neighborhood High School students with the goal to make a difference. I thank you for your actve participation.

In 2001, I created a program called: "Embracing Cultural Diversity in the Healthcare system." Increasingly, in our diverse culture, institutions are recognizing the importance of understanding different cultures within the healthcare system. I am proud to have helped lead the way on this important issue. Later that year, I wrote an article entitled "Creating a Vision" at my work place. This article was presented and well appreciated by the CEO, my clinical manager as well as the Executive Board of the Ethics Committee. I co-led a monthly presentation called "Brown Bag" in 2001 as the Ethic Committe member. In 2001, I was asked to be a spokeperson for a communication video to be used as a hiring tool for Human Resources. I began my communication debut in 2005 as a Haitian tourism representative on a community station in Chicago. I functioned as a guest co-host on several Haitian radio stations in Chicago and the Greater Chicago area from 2005-2010.

Alexsa Claude was published in the Haitian Times entitled "All That Jazz: Child Dancer to Represent U.S. in Global Talent Contest," (8/2/2005). I promoted my daughter Alexsa as a dancer, model and actress. Alexsa is a medal-winner in photo modeling.
In 2005, I co-founded the Haitian Congress and supported the logistics for its inaugural event. I also guest co-host a television series for Haiti Rencontre in Chicago in 2006. I initiated and contributed to an article about Dual Nationality for the Haitian Times in 2006. I functioned as a Chicago Correspondent for a station in West Palm Beach in 2007. I covered topics, including Haitian delegation visits Chicago and Emmanuel Samon, a legendary Haitian footballer.

I published an article entiltled Haiti Goes Pearl Again in October 2007 in Koneksyon Magazine. This article was reproduced on An article published about The Nicole Claude Show in Pluriel Magazine in 2009 entitled "A New Voice for Haiti: The Nicole Claude Show Creates Opportunities to Unite the Caribbean Community in the Midwest."

Today I serve as a creative consultant, communicator, life coach and a presenter using my nursing background. I host The Nicole Claude Show, an empowering voice for the people as well as your flourishing businesses and organizations. We promise you a healthy listening, great customer service and community building- a high quality of leadership and a culture of excellence.

Thank you in advance for your generous listening, bonne ecoute.


The Nicole Claude ShowThe Nicole Claude ShowThe Nicole Claude ShowThe Nicole Claude ShowThe Nicole Claude Show
The Nicole Claude ShowThe Nicole Claude ShowThe Nicole Claude Show

The Nicole Claude Show

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